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Happiness Comes to a Grateful Heart


I heard these words when waking one morning.  “Happiness comes to a grateful heart.”  I was working on a talk.  The title was Live a Life of Thanks.


As I thought about the words, I realized that moments of happiness would not be possible if I had feelings of “not enough.”  Think about it.  If you are holding a small bundle of baby and feeling warm and sweet, is there room for happiness and “not enough?”


Think of how your heart lifts as you step out on a sunny winter day after days of blowing wind and grey clouds.  The sun is even sweeter after days of gloom.


Then thinking back to the title of my talk Live a Life of Thanks, I wondered is being Grateful the same as being Thankful?  Yes and more.  Grateful is an experience.  Thanks is an action.


So when happiness comes to a grateful heart, give thanks for that.


Bless This Day,

Kathy O’Dell


Screenwriter and Author

Moments of Glad Grace
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