Katherine ODell
There is a plus factor to life, always more to give, always more to learn.
Katherine ODell is a screenwriter, author, and speaker.  

Beyond Intuition: 
Trusting Your Visions

is about seeing life through spiritual eyes, and receiving messages from Soul, in the form of visions.

I recently wondered whether to travel to a writing seminar for a weekend.  My schedule was crowded with trips this summer, and I was not sure I should take another.  
A picture popped into my mind of myself shaking hands with someone.  I was thanking her for something of value I had received in my work.
I knew I should go.  

UPDATE:  This did change my direction.  This agent's advice was to build a platform or switch to fiction.  Nonfiction publishers require a name or credentials in the field.  I do some public speaking, and some writing, but do not have a degree or a major following in the area of dreams and visions.  So I took her advice and switched to fiction for now.I am happily writing a non-fiction screenplay that came to me--in a vision.

When I receive the direction on the inner I will publish this book myself or rewrite it for a new publisher.  I am happy that this book will someday be published and will find those who need its message.
Steps to Finding Your Vision

Invite Soul to speak to you through pictures in your mind
Accept the visions when they come
Affirm their truth with Gratitude