Katherine ODell
There is a plus factor to life, always more to give, always more to learn.
Katherine ODell is a screenwriter, author, and speaker.  

Upcoming Screenplay

Waking up in yet another new body, this time as Molly, she discovers that Molly was murdered, maybe by her husband.  An already complicated process just became  treacherous.  And where is her team? 


Moments of Glad Grace.  

When Grace gets a call from her dead father asking her to meet him in Minneapolis in four days, only a best friend would agree to go.

Beyond Intuition: Trusting Your Visions   Trust those flashes of insight to give you real spiritual guidance.   Cultivate your visions!  Dreams are the easiest place to start.  Everyone dreams. 

Living life with your visions can make your every day life easier and smoother.  You can touch that intuitive side of yourself that knows why you are here, and what you really want to do in this lifetime.  The more you practice, the better you get.